Putting the "Pro" in Production

My work

Drake University

I'm a student perfecting my love of story telling

Professional Experience

While at Drake I have worked as a professional at places like WGN, ESPN3, and the Avenues of Ingersoll and Grand

About me

I've lived in the Midwest my whole life, but these "fly-over states" have shaped me into the person I am.

My Blog

I don't have a lot of thoughts, but when I do, I like to write em down

Fermata the Blue

The “Best” A Capella Group at Drake—Fermata the Blue Being a part of Fermata the Blue has been a highlight of my Drake Career. It’s for sure been a rollercoaster of an experience, this is Read more…


Always the Bad Guy

Respecting the Ref I work as a referee. I have since freshman year of high school refing 5 year olds in basketball, and I currently ref all intramural sports here at Drake. Let me tell Read more…