Hi, my name is Mitch Kedzior. I am a digital media strategist from Cary, IL. Currently, I’m a student at Drake University majoring in Digital Media Production with a minor in Musical theatre.

I pride myself on my ability to create valuable content and communicate effectively on multiple platforms. I’m trained in mediums like broadcast, video, photography, writing, editing, design and social media, but it’s my people skills that set me apart from the pack.

Drake has given me many internship opportunities that I will forever be grateful for.  One summer, I worked at WGN—Chicago as a Web Producer in charge of social media. Here, I learned what it takes to be a professional in a newsroom. I wrote stories for their webpage, I cut video, and I did a lot of social media managing for the WGN Morning News.

Currently, I have an internship at the Avenues of Ingersoll and Grand as a marketing and event planning consultant. II write copy for their website, design web pages, write grant applications, plan Ingersoll Live! 2018, and post regularly on their social media. I’m very excited about this opportunity to apply everything I’ve learned to this marketing and event planning internship.

Aside from my current internship, I also work at Drake Creative Services. Here, we film Drake sporting events that are produced to the in-game audience on the video board and to the at-home audience on ESPN3. I love that Drake offers opportunities to do professional-level work at a time where I’m getting ready to enter the professional world.

Outside of the workplace, I am the Vice President of Drake University’s co-ed a cappella group “Fermata the Blue.” I arrange music, help plan gigs, and lead rehearsals. This group has fostered my love for music and has given me the leadership skills I need to succeed.

My love for music and performance does not stop with “Fermata the Blue.” I’ve always loved singing and dancing, it’s been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I decided to minor in musical theatre because I couldn’t let my love of performance go.  At Drake, I’ve been a dance captain multiple times. This position taught me how to be a leader to my peers.

I was first chosen as a dance captain my freshman year of college, and as a First-year minor, being picked as the dance captain over some Seniors, I was not everyones favorite cast member. The director threw me into the deep end, and I’m really glad she did. It’s really difficult to be a leader. I’d argue it’s more difficult to be a leader of your peers, most of whom, are older than you. Throughout the process, I proved to my fellow cast members why I was chosen and have been a better leader ever since.

I’m confident that my leadership and creative communication skills will take me far in life. At this point, I’m still not sure where I will go, or what I want to do, but I’m excited for the adventure ahead.

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