Drake Creative Services

I worked for Drake Creative Services for four years. Creative Services films Drake sporting events (Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, & Track) and produces their broadcasts on the video board for the in-game audience and on ESPN3 for the at-home audience.

While working with my boss Sean Ingrassia, I learned what it takes to be on a production team that regularly produces professional-level broadcasts.

My Experience

While here, I specialized in working instant replay, but also worked audio, various cameras, timeout coordinator, director, and I regularly trained newer employees on the various roles on the production team.

Working here taught me just how important everyone is to the team. Not everyone will be the most experienced at a position, but whether it is your first shift or 100th shift, it’s important to work hard despite the conditions.

I’ll never be able to thank Drake and Sean enough for giving me such a professional experience as a student.