In 3 and 1/2 weeks, 10 students imagined, created and sold the Des Moines Playhouse on an Advertising campaign—Road Trip. This campaign would span the next 6-7 months. With the guidance of two professors, Sandy Henry and Todd Evans, we were able to create professional level work in the most immersive class experience I’ve ever had.

I’ve never been more proud of work that I’ve done in class, and the response we’ve gotten has shown. Drake University and KCWI released stories on our collaboration with The Playhouse.

Facebook post from the Des Moines Playhouse Facebook post from The Des Moines Playhouse

The Task

The Playhouse decided to renovate their 100 year old main stage theatre, but the show must go on. The summer show was being relocated to a local high school, and the summer theatre classes were being relocated to a local church. Our task was creating an advertising campaign that was fun and informative to The Playhouse’s audience.

The client’s biggest concern was that their normal audience wouldn’t participate in any Summer activities because they’re afraid of the experience being different. We created content that showed it would be the same Playhouse fun in a different location.

As a Video Producer, I helped plan, write, edit and produce promotional videos, Road Trip Karaoke Videos, and GIFs for primary use on social media and The Des Moines Playhouse website.

Promotional Videos

This video emphasizes the fun of the show Mama Mia and does a nice job of giving the audience a lot of information is a short amount of time. It also gives a sneak peek into other videos that were released later in the campaign.

Roadtrip Karaoke

We sold the client on the idea “Road Trip!” by comparing it to the theatrical experience. When you go to a show, it’s more than just sitting in the audience, it is driving there, possibly going out to dinner beforehand, maybe going out afterward, the point is, it’s an experience—so is a road trip. We organized road trip karaoke videos with notable people from the organization getting interviewed about the upcoming changes and, of course, having fun and singing along to relevant songs to their upcoming programs.

Driving Direction Videos

One thing the client expressed as a concern was that their audience wouldn’t know where to go. We made eye-catching directional videos explaining how to get to the two different locations.


These are a couple fun GIFs we created to post on social media. One is for the educational program that has a Harry Potter twist, and the other was for the Mama Mia Summer show.