Drake University Advertising Capstone

As part of the Advertising Capstone, I was put on a five-person team tasked with developing research, creative, and a 12-month marketing/advertising plan for United Way of Central Iowa. After extensive research, our agency group came up with the “We Are United” campaign. Our plan was to creative pieces that embodied this uniting tagline.

After 3 months of working, we presented our materials to the client and won! While it was deemed a competition, my inner competitive side jumped up and down on the inside when the client told us he’d sign with our agency. While I was officially titled as the video producer, all of the work we produced was a team effort.

We Are United Ad

This video served as the overarching message for the campaign. We used young professionals within the United Way organization because they fit the target demographic. I wrote, filmed, edited, and produced the ad.

Hulu Advertisment

This video is one of three videos I produced to advertise on Hulu. Our target demographic were people aged 18-35 in the Des Moines metro-area. Our research showed that they are moving away from traditional television and moving toward streaming services such as Hulu and YouTube.

Hulu often lets the user “choose their ad experience.” In theory, the user would get to choose one of the three options provided at the beginning of the video. This is an example of what would happen if you clicked the red, health, icon. I created three videos all targeted at defining who United Way is as an organization and what they do in the Des Moines community. I wrote, filmed, edited, produced, and animated all of the content in this video.